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Your donation to AMEN makes a difference for Arlington residents

Below are just a few of the many stories about our clients and how your donations have helped thousands of Arlington households stay in their homes, keep their utilities on, access needed medical and dental care, and become independent and self-sufficient.

Darlene’s Story:

Unfortunately the company where I was working had to downsize and I lost my job.  I was devastated!  I applied for jobs to no avail. My unemployment benefits ran out and I had nowhere to turn for help.  I was so worried; I had no money, no food, and finally had to move in with a friend.  I was truly losing faith in my situation and I needed help!  I was referred to AMEN and after working with a social worker at the Crisis Assistance Bureau (CAB) a part of the Department of Human Services in Arlington, AMEN was able to help me!  When I went to the pick up my check, the gentleman from AMEN was kind and accommodating and did not make me feel ashamed of my situation!  I felt a sense of relief, because of the help that I received from AMEN. I received help from AMEN several times while I was out of work and I was so appreciative!  Every time I would leave the office I would say to myself “I am going to give back to them one day – somehow”.
I did eventually get a job and around Christmas of 2009 my employer asked me if there were any charities that I would like to have money donated to in my name and I immediately thought of AMEN.  My employer made a $250 donation to AMEN.  I was so happy that we could help and return something back to an organization that blessed me previously.
I will continue to support AMEN via my employer’s yearly contributions and when I am able, I will send money to that wonderful organization.
Thank you, AMEN, you helped me in my time of need and now hold a special place in my heart!


Samantha’s Story

Samantha was a client of the Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) program in Arlington. During her stay in OAR’s transitional housing program, she found employment at a local restaurant. When she completed the program, Samantha was required to find her own housing, but her income and savings were not enough to cover the cost of both her security deposit and her first month’s rent.OAR asked AMEN to help Samantha obtain housing with a one-time part payment of that first month’s rent. AMEN responded with the requested help, and Samantha now continues to work, has settled into her own place, and continues to contribute to the community. 

The Smith Family

A family of six, parents and their four children, faced eviction last winter when they could not pay rent for an apartment they had lived in for over 10 years. The father’s paychecks stopped coming, and he discovered that his longtime employer was bankrupt. He found another job but did not have the money to pay back rent.With financial assistance from AMEN through the Carter-Jenkinson Homelessness Prevention program, the family was able to pay their back rent, stay in their apartment, and regain their financial independence. 

Mildred’s Story

Mildred, a 99-year old Arlington resident, lives on a small fixed income. After paying her rent, she has only $70 left each month. Mildred developed debilitating dental problems that required oral surgery, but she had no way to pay for it. Arlington’s Department of Human Services asked AMEN for help. Because of your generous support, AMEN was able to pay for Mildred’s oral surgery, and she is fully recovered today.