The 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing

The 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra income if you possess an online platform in which you can promote other people’s products and services. It is an ever-growing technique among the marketing community and many companies are taking advantage to help gain new consumers for their products.

If you are considering using your own site to become an affiliate and begin promoting products for commission, it is important to understand the different types of affiliate marketing and how they work.

Read on to discover the three different types of affiliate marketing and what technique might work best for you.

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Unattached affiliate marketing refers to the most basic type of marketing related to the topic. Essentially, this refers to your basic pay-per-click marketing campaigns that relate to any and every type of product, whether it falls into the niche of your site or not.

Within this style of affiliate marketing, there is zero connection between you, the publisher, and the end consumer. Your sole job as an unattached affiliate is merely placing the ads in front of people and hoping that they then click on the link, visit the original company’s website and buy the product—ultimately earning yourself a commission each time.

Why this is considered the most basic form of affiliate marketing is because there is no authority or presence needed to make it run smoothly and be productive. It is merely an income-generating model, not a business model that allows you to make connections with consumers and build relationships.

Related Affiliate Marketing

Now due to unattached affiliate marketing being called so due to you being unattached from the ads and end consumers, related affiliated marketing is called so because you actually relate to the products and the promotions being used.

Related affiliate marketing refers to any online presence that you use to promote products related to your site’s niche, but products that you don’t actually use. Your presence online could be through a blog, podcasts, videos or any other form whatever, as long as you have the space to promote ads and links for products.

Promoting products related to your niche will give your support for the product more weight and cause people to trust your decision to place the ad on your site. Consumers will assume that you would only promote the best of the best products related to your own niche, so the click-through rate on related affiliate marketing ads are much greater and ultimately earn you a greater commission.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

As you probably guessed, involved affiliate marketing refers to promoting a product that you have used yourself, believe in, and recommend to your audience. Promoting products through involved affiliate marketing does not entail links or ads, but instead, directly recommending products within your site’s content.

Whether your mention it in a blog post, create a video about it or focus on it in a podcast episode, the product then becomes a “must have” due to your involvement and experience with the product.

Truly supporting this product on your own and having used it before with nothing but pleasure, makes involved affiliate marketing the most honest and helpful for consumers.

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